Saturday, November 27, 2010

Scrapbook Items FOR SALE

I have several items for sale perfect for Christmas!  You'll find them at this youtube vid:

Thanks and email me if you see anything you'll be interested in.  :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Aloha Friends,

Here are the remaining Quickutz that I have.  I will try my best to clean this up as dies get sold.  FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED on this GREAT DEAL!  Please email me at if you have any questions.  For more great deals on brand new, never opened scrapbook and stamp products, please click on this link:  :)  Mahalo!


CC-Spotlight-G Cookie Cutter: Spotlight Alphabet Set $70.00

GB-003 Goose Bumpz: 2x2 Circles $4.00

GB-008 Goose Bumpz: 2x2 Hearts $4.00

GB-011 Goose Bumpz: 2x2 Sparkle $4.00

GB-015 Goose Bumpz: 2x2 Retro Square $4.00

GB-018 Goose Bumpz: 2x2 Maze $4.00

GB-021 Goose Bumpz: 2x2 Sunshine $4.00

GB-025 Goose Bumpz: 2x2 Polka Dot $4.00

GB-026 Goose Bumpz: 2x2 Polka Spot $4.00

GB-035 Goose Bumpz: 2x2 Compass $4.00

GBR-003 Goosebumpz: 4x4 Parquet $10.00

GBR-004 Goosebumpz: 4x4 Stripes $10.00

GBR-005 Goosebumpz: 4x4 Adornment $10.00

KS-0001 2x2 Heart $4.00

KS-0165 2x2 Shirt $4.00

KS-0332 2x2 Beach Ball $4.00

KS-0406 2x2 Tiara $4.00

KS-0433 2x2 Gift Bag $4.00

KS-0452 2x2 Candelabra $4.00

KS-0460 2x2 Drum $4.00

KS-0461 2x2 Football $4.00

KS-0464 2x2 Soccer $4.00

KS-0495 2x2 Wish $4.00

KS-0509 2x2 Love $4.00

KS-0528 2x2 Cat $4.00

KS-0553 2x2 BBQ Grill $4.00

KS-0558 2x2 Corn on the Cob $4.00

KS-0559 2x2 Apron $4.00

KS-0560 2x2 BBQ Tools $4.00

KS-0570 2x2 Sunscreen $4.00

KS-0582 2x2 Peppermint Candy $4.00

KS-0594 2x2 Parka $4.00

KS-0596 2x2 Hat $4.00

KS-0597 2x2 Hockey Skate $4.00

KS-0599 2x2 Ice Skate $4.00

KS-0627 2x2 Fossils $4.00

KS-0640 2x2 Saturn $4.00

KS-0645 2x2 Ferris Wheel $4.00

KS-0653 2x2 Roller Coaster $4.00

KS-0664 2x2 Pregnant Woman $4.00

KS-0665 2x2 Maternity Clothes $4.00

KS-0669 2x2 Baby $4.00

KS-0671 2x2 Pregnant Woman $4.00

KS-0680 2x2 Tool Box $4.00

KS-0686 2x2 Drill $4.00

KS-0688 2x2 Shirt and Tie $4.00

KS-0690 2x2 Sleeping Bag $4.00

KS-0691 2x2 Campsite $4.00

KS-0694 2x2 Dutch Oven $4.00

KS-0695 2x2 Swim Dock $4.00

KS-0696 2x2 Canoe $4.00

KS-0699 2x2 Camper $4.00

KS-0700 2x2 Flower $4.00

KS-0726 2x2 Swimsuit $4.00

KS-0735 2x2 Slide $4.00

KS-0736 2x2 Swing Set $4.00

KS-0739 2x2 Bubbles $4.00

KS-0740 2x2 Picnic Table $4.00

KS-0741 2x2 Sandwich $4.00

KS-0742 2x2 Juicebox $4.00

KS-0783 2x2 Spyglass $4.00

KS-0786 2X2 Pirate Hook $4.00

KS-0793 2x2 Pirate Talk $4.00

KS-0871 2x2 Tractor $4.00

METRO-C Metro Classic Unicase Alphabet Set $70.00

METRO-S Metro SkinniMini Unicase Alphabet Set $20.00

MOXIE-C Moxie Classic Unicase Alphabet Set $70.00

MOXIE-S Moxie SkinniMini Unicase Alphabet Set $20.00

QKDS-16 Die Set: Military $42.99

QKDS-17 Flower Die Set $39.99

QKDS-CC-10 England Collection $39.99

QKDS-CC-16 Australia Collection $39.99

REV-0001 4x4 Tabs $12.00

REV-0008 4x4 Daisy $12.00

REV-0021 4x4 Card $12.00

REV-0026 4x4 Flourish $12.00

REV-0031 4x4 Flower Arrangement $10.00

REV-0032 4x4 Frames and Shelf $12.00

REV-0038 4x4 Flower $12.00

REV-0039 4x4 Adornments $12.00

REV-0042 4x4 Mini Album $10.00

REV-0045 4x4 Chalkboard $12.00

REV-0048 4x4 Lunchbox and Thermos $12.00

REV-0054 4x4 Hot Weather $12.00

REV-0070 4x4 Paper Doll $12.00

REV-0074 4x4 Pilgrim Costumes $10.00

REV-0075 4x4 Nativity Costumes $10.00

REV-0083 4x4 Love $12.00

REV-0086 4x4 Heart Frame $12.00

REV-0086 4x4 Heart & Arrow $12.00

REV-0097 4x4 Soccer Ball $10.00

REV-0101 4x4 Basketball $10.00

REV-0104 4x4 Golf $10.00

REV-0112-S 4x4 Tractor $12.00

REV-0114-S 4x4 Crown & Wand $12.00

REVOLUTION-1 Revolution Table Top Tool $149.99

RS-0005 2x2 Flowers $2.00

RS-0164 2x2 Flower $2.00

RS-0229 2x2 Hot Dog $2.00

RS-0302 2x2 Hugs and Kisses $2.00

RS-0348 2x2 Overalls $2.00

RS-0400 2x2 Hearts Mini $2.00

RS-0403 2x2 Hat $2.00

RS-0404 2x2 Hat $2.00

RS-0407 2x2 Comb $2.00

RS-0408 2x2 Credit Card $2.00

RS-0431 2x2 Flower $2.00

RS-0448 2x2 Ring $2.00

RS-0449 2x2 Heart Tag $2.00

RS-0458 2x2 Saxophone $2.00

RS-0503 2x2 Handprint $2.00

RS-0504 2x2 Footprint $2.00

RS-0522 2x2 Parasol $2.00

RS-0595 2x2 Ski Accessories $2.00

RS-0598 2x2 Hockey Stick and Puck $2.00

RS-0616 2x2 Heart $2.00

RS-0620 2x2 Tag $2.00

RS-0628 2x2 Fossil $2.00

RS-0631 2x2 Shovel $2.00

RS-0632 2x2 Pickaxe $2.00

RS-0634 2x2 Dinosaur $2.00

RS-0636 2x2 Dinosaur $2.00

RS-0637 2x2 Dinosaur $2.00

RS-0644 2x2 Flag $2.00

RS-0646 2x2 Go-Kart $2.00

RS-0649 2x2 Pretzel $2.00

RS-0651 2x2 Rocket $2.00

RS-0652 2x2 Ticket $2.00

RS-0655 2x2 Clovers $2.00

RS-0658 2x2 Carrot $2.00

RS-0666 2x2 Maternity Swimsuit $2.00

RS-0668 2x2 Pregnancy Test $2.00

RS-0670 2x2 Nine $2.00

RS-0681 2x2 Gloves $2.00

RS-0682 2x2 Hard Hat $2.00

RS-0683 2x2 Saw Blade $2.00

RS-0684 2x2 Mallet $2.00

RS-0685 2x2 Tape Measure $2.00

RS-0687 2x2 Wood Beam $2.00

RS-0689 2x2 Footsteps $2.00

RS-0692 2x2 Roasting Stick $2.00

RS-0693 2x2 Match $2.00

RS-0705 2x2 Vine $2.00

RS-0707 2x2 Hoop $2.00

RS-0708 2x2 Silhouette $2.00

RS-0710 2x2 Record $2.00

RS-0711 2x2 Skirt $2.00

RS-0714 2x2 Glasses $2.00

RS-0718 2x2 Soda Bottle $2.00

RS-0721 2x2 Dress $2.00

RS-0724 2x2 Shoe $2.00

RS-0725 2x2 Pants $2.00

RS-0731 2x2 Peace Sign $2.00

RS-0733 2x2 Helmet $2.00

RUB-ON-01 Icing RubOns: Starter Kit $29.99

RUB-ON-02 Icing RubOns: Hearts Kit $9.99

RUB-ON-05 Icing RubOns: Love Theme Kit $9.99

RUB-ON-06 Icing RubOns: Baby Theme Kit $9.99

RUB-ON-10 Icing RubOns: Daisies $9.99

RUB-ON-12 Icing RubOns: Party Theme Kit $9.99

SILH-PORT-01 Sweetheart Digital Design Portfolio $69.99

SILH-PORT-03 Wildflower Digital Design Portfolio $69.99

SK-0004 ShortKutz: 4x4 School Days $12.00

SK-0008 4x4 Love $12.00

Sunday, September 26, 2010

My extra COPICS for sale--less than $4 ea!

These are new, never used. Two sets, first set has 28 COPIC markers for $100 and the second set has 15 COPIC markers for $55. Prices include shipping. Take both sets for $150.

First Set includes: V09, BV08, BV23, RV04, RV06, RV21, RV34, R29, R32, R35, YR02, YR04, Y11, Y15, Y21, YG03, YG67, G07, G17, G21, G28, BG05, BG49, B05, B29, B32, B39, E04

Second Set includes: 0, 100, W1, W3, C3, C5, R02, R20, E00, E11, E29, E31, E33, E35, YR00

Please email me at if you're interested. Also, please visit my etsy store at


Simple Sympathy Card for a dear friend...

Just a dropping by for a quick share.  I made and sent this card to a dear friend whose father recently passed away.  

Patterned paper I used is from Pink Paislee's 365 degrees.  I also used white cardstock for the card and navy blue cardstock for matting.  The stamp is by Stampin Up and flowers are from Got Flowers? by Prima. 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sharp and POKEY!

Yup, that's how I'll describe the two swaps I joined!  Sharp and pokey...stick pins, that is!  :)  And even with that, I still thoroughly enjoyed the process. :)

So, how does stick pin come into play with scrapbooking you ask?  Well, we use them to decorate, silly!  :)  You can place a stick pin behind a flower, picture or anything that needs some ooomph!  :)  That extra little touch to make a project complete.  So, without further ado, let me show you 3 of my stick pins...oh, a little heads up, my pins are stuck on my bed drying when I took them pictures.  :)

Ok, that's it folks!  Til next project!  mmmmmwah!  :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My August Flower Swaps and Vintage Flower Tutorial

Last post, I told you about my swaps.  Here are some pics of the flowers I made:

 Can you tell what the color theme is for the month of August?

Here's another clue...

At another group, the theme is vintage flowers.  This is a smaller group and each swap member is requested to make 4 vintage flowers, one of the flowers has to be embossed.  Here's what I sent:

Here's a tutorial of the two bigger flowers.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


I've been swap crazy these past couple of months!  I've joined sooooo many swaps that my head is reeling!  lol!  But it got me back to actually least those those swaps that require me to create something.  hehehe  So, yeah, that's my excuse for not being able to update my blog.  :)

I joined two scrapbook groups online where these swaps are hosted.  I also started making vids in youtube on my various hauls/shopping and swapping adventures.  lol!  Here's my youtube channel:

One of the swaps I enjoy are the flower swaps.  I enjoy making different flowers and challenging myself to create flowers that I see in youtube.  I already joined 3 flower swaps.  The first flower swap was in June and we were to make yellow flowers as seen below.  For the July flower swap, we had to create red flowers and in August, orange flowers.  I am also in another flower swap in another group.  We're making vintage flowers in that group. 

Another swap that I joined is the charm swap.  OMG!  I am super intimidated by jewelry making and didn't even want to touch this hobby!  Then along came the charm swap.  :)  I am a self-taught charm-maker and much to my surprise, I thoroughly enjoyed it!  I have allergies to nickel, which is in most metals and it was a bit of a challenge to create these beauts without handling the metal wires and tools.  So, I wear cotton gloves when I work on my charms.  I even extended to creating earrings for my daughter and my officemates. Imagine that!  lol! 

I also joined several products and mini album kit swaps.  I'm having so much fun lately with all the new friends I am making with swapping.  :)  Another thing that keeps me busy is learning to color and blend with my copics. 

Ok, enough of my ramblings.  Please go to my youtube channel,, to view all that I've been busy with.  :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Flowers and Charms Swaps

I made my first paper flowers last month...yeah, I know...late blog entry. :D I joined a flower swap and also a charm swaps. The Here's a picture of two of the flowers I made--sorry a little too bright. :)

I joined two groups and proceeded to create two flowers and two small flowers made with Got Flowers Prima (see picture above) for one group. For the second group, I made 2 flowers. The swap was only for one flower, but I got carried away. :) And made more than what was asked for. Here are the pictures of the pre-packaged flower swaps:

And oh, the charms? Here's a video: :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

My ramblings, my laptop, my scraproom and yeah, more layouts. :)

I'm bummin' this weekend. My laptop has audio is dead. It tells me that there's "no audio output device is installed". Went online for help; no luck. Audio went back for 5 minutes then died. I restarted the computer and it gave me the same error message the whole day on Saturday. My friend, Faith, came to help me with it yesterday afternoon. It worked while she was at my house but after she left, it went went back to "no audio output device is installed". *sigh*

My frustration with my laptop is good for my scraproom (thanks, Faith, for helping me on this arena as well) :) and well, this blog. Cleaned my scraproom (still have a ways to go) and well, I'm blogging. :)

Here are a few more layouts... :)

Thanks for letting my vent. :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hello! As promised below are a few more layouts I finished in Feb/Mar of this year. Pictures were all taken in the Philippines when we visited in Oct 2009.

A few of my layouts in 2010

Hello! Me again. :) Here are a few more layouts I finished in Jan and Feb this year. Pictures were taken on our last trip to the Philippines in Oct 2009.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Packaged Layouts

I had been on a creative slump the whole year of 2009 and I really needed a major creative jumpstart this year. I bought the Basic Grey Sugar Rush Page Kit in hopes to do just that. I followed the instructions with a few modifications. The Sugar Rush Page Kit could make 2 one-page layouts and 1 two-page layouts. I finished all layouts in January. I later added the pictures after Valentine's day to the two one-page layouts. Here they are: